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General Terms and Conditions Act

General Terms and Conditions Act

Medical explanations
Davor Antunovic hereby declares that the content provided here contains no promise of salvation or instructions for self-healing of psychological disorders or physical complains. The medical content may vary partly from the traditional medicine and psychotherapy, but nether of them stands in competition with each other. Davor Antunovic is not liable for damages caused due to improper interpretation of the contents on his site

Disclaimer of sects
I reject any form of indoctrination and brainwashing and distance myself therefore strictly from radical sects and paramilitary organizations of all kinds, of course, as well from organizations that are not committed to the free democratic order.

Davor Antunovic, other coaches of his seminars, and he`s employees are not in conjunction with indoctrinating cults, cult-like, religious or political groups.

For all seminars, coachings and therapies, the principles of humanity, tolerance and freedom of expression as well as freedom of belief are applicable. Hypnoenergetics and Davor Antunovic have the intention to connect people, unlike sects (Latin secare "separate", latin secta "direction", from sequi "follow").

Davor Antunovic and his institute Advanced Hypnoenergetics follows in his therapies, seminars and coachings no beliefs or world views that prevent people from developping freely. Techniques that are associated with the Institute are techniques of functionality and are not just found to be good by his own, charismatic life experience.

All contents of the page and the
websites, and, as well as their links are protected by copyright pursuant to Section 2 Copyright Act

With the judgment of the District Court of Hamburg, from 12 May 1998, owners may be responsible for linked sites and their contents.
Therefore the owner distances himself from all set links on his website as well as their content.

Salvatory Clause
If any terms of this agreement should be invalid or impracticable after, or should they be invalid or impracticable after the conclusion of contract, the contract still stays valid. The invalid or impracticable provisions shall be replaced by valid and practicable terms, whos effects comes closest to the economic purpose of the contract, which were followed by both parties by the invalid or unenforceable terms. The preceding provisions shall apply in the event that the contract turns out to be incomplete.

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