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Davor Antunovic
Eichendorffstrasse 39
73734 Esslingen Zollberg

Phone: 0711 / 50486543

Mo - Fr: 08:00 - 17:00
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The Person Davor Antunovic

A very close friend of mine fell mentally ill when I was fifteen. His condition was critical. Since then I wished to become a therapist in order to be able to help people. More than half of my life I have been following now this passion in my practical work, in order to understand the relationships of the human psyche.

"I want to be so full of love, that I donít even have time to hate the devil..."
This sentence I once heard in an interview, mentioned by a Sufi-Master named Raubia. I believe strongly that it is one of the greatest adventures to discover your subconscious mind, and to therefore conquer your inner demons such as hate, guilt and shame.

Thereby Hypnosis gained significant value in my therapeutic work. The application of dynemic, clinical and analytical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are to me the safest, most important and most effective corner stones of good Psychotherapy.

Certainly I know of many processes, problems and difficulties that may arise in life and I am thankful and happy every time I can help a patient.

Of course, I dissociate myself from radical sects and extremist groups who do not suborder themselves to the liberal democratic basic order, but I believe as well that everyone should be able to exercise freely their own religion or beliefs.

I believe that every human being should be able to experience and enjoy a free life without fears, in personal responsibility and self-fulfillment.

From my current life:
This year I celebrate my 24-year anniversary in Martial arts. I work since 15 years as a trainer for kids, young people and adults, which I enjoy to the fullest. I love exercise in all its forms, which motivated me to learn Ballroom and Latin dance. One of the biggest passions of mine is writing books.

Unfortunately, my mother suffered a cerebral aneurysm in 2009 and is since then in a vegetative state. This is one of the most painful experiences I had to undergo up until now. As her legal guardian I do my utmost to facilitate her and my family in this difficult times.

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